Tammy Craven


I  have spent over 22 years in the editor's chair in addition to a 14 year background that includes all phases of television production, film and still photography. Experienced  with multi-camera and single camera productions, on location and on stage.    Avid, Media 100 and Final Cut Pro systems, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Aperture, Lightroom...

I have produced entire projects from concept to completion. 

My credits include producing, writing, directing, camera operation, tape operation,  assistant engineer, sound editing , sound design, research, writing, copy writing, web site design, product marketing, still photography, video distribution, point of purchase, merchandising, marketing ,distribution, and all aspects of product trade shows.  

Venturing off from time to time to produce my own successful projects.  I really enjoy being part of a team and I find great satisfaction in being an editor.  I work well with computers and people, unsupervised and supervised.  I am passionate about telling a story.  I love to cut to music. 


In my studio I am able to create sound effects, and music scores as well as on line and off line editing.   I am devoted to making my clients happy, no matter the hour or schedule, their projects are always  as important as mine.  

I am available to work in house, as I own my own post production and camera equipment.  Emmy Nominated.   Thanks for your interest!